Stoner Comedies

It appears odd that marijuana has just recently gained some acceptance in this state of ours. For the majority of our lives it has been prohibited, the purview of teenaged drug traders using crappy mustaches, and in only the past couple of years countries have begun tripping it, and creating a significant bank because of this. One supposes we are not away from a Starbucks-like franchise, full of your favourite type buds. The bizarre thing is, moving off of films, you never would have understood bud was somehow depended upon. Sure, it could have been prohibited, but bud has motivated countless comedies that required it about as badly as a pie into your face. For your young stoners of the past couple of decades, that has to have been a welcome relief, to view their red-eyed doppelgangers on the huge screen. Or perhaps they did not even notice. Here are only a couple of our favourite stoner comedies, which constantly offer a giggle fit, if we are high or just full of life.

Smiley Face

Gregg Araki’s Smiley Face might not be the most well-known stoner humor, but it just may be the most ridiculous. The premise is straightforward: Anna Farris, that always looks somewhat baked to start with, accidentally absorbs her roommate’s bud cupcakes, before setting off an incredibly busy day. Having a murderer’s row of cameos from the likes of Brian Posehn and Danny Trejo popping up, there is always something to keep your focus, but the true star of this series is Ms. Farris. Whether she is devouring Sun Chips or struggling to rescue her expensive mattress, then the Scary Movie celebrity is a natural when it comes to enjoying off her butt. There is not much to the trifle of a film, but then again, have you ever tried seeing it…on marijuana?!

How High

By Animal House into Legally Blonde, you can not go wrong throwing a whole lot of slobs and dummies on a school campus and allowing them rip it up. How High is rap icons Method Man and Redman’s twist on the genre, heading complete Cheech and Chong inside this fried fish out of water comedy. Let us be clear, this film is not just idiotic; it’s gleefully dumb in the perfect sense. The assumption involves a sort of marijuana that summons a phantom, that assists the East Coast rappers cheat in their own THCs, a variant of their SATs. (THCS! This contributes our stoned protagonists to register at Harvard, and move to reverse the college upside-down. Whether they are getting barnyard critters blotto’d, assisting dorky classmates understand how to party, or forcing the college’s government batty, these Wu Tang alums have a tired formula and reevaluate it with their own lowbrow allure. If you are a fan of school comedies, hip-hop or merely getting toasted, there is something for your stoner in most people .

Pineapple Express

Inspired by this film, they took their characters to center. Reunited at a film co-written from Rogen, both drama burnouts on the run after witnessing a murder. Sort of like a Midnight Run for your medical marijuana creation, both film stars don’t have any difficulty playing blazed. They need to only be very good at acting, right?

Harold And Kumar

Having a premise that any stoner can relate to, Harold and Kumar established a franchise by obtaining a wicked case of the munchies. Any trip to the shop can feel like an experience after smoking a spliff, but for both of these stoners, the experience was actual, compete using a Freakshow foursome, a roasted cheetah, and a psychotic Neil Patrick Harris. Together with the ideal product positioning of all time, this film makes us crave a combined and a hamburger every time we see it.

Fast Times in Ridegemont High

Everybody was getting stoned or put in Fast Times in Ridegemont High, THE traditional high school humor of the’80s. However, for our money, if we are talking potheads, there is just 1 character worth mentioning. That is why he’d one delivered at the midst of course. Sean Penn would not play this type of comedic personality, but his riff about the supreme’80s burnout was an all-timer, helping propel a generation of children to have a toke. All of Spicoli needed were a few yummy waves, a cool buzz, and that he was nice. That’s known as living the fantasy.

Half Baked

Ahead of Dave Chappelle fled to Africa, before he became a household name, until he made among the very influential sketch shows of the 21st century, he had been the brains behind the cult comedy, about a bunch of dopey friends who chose to sell marijuana to raise some money for their buddy’s bond. A Day-Glo coloured walk during the mid-’90s bud scene, Chappelle and firm produced a true love letter to becoming high.

Up In Smoke

Nobody had seen anything like this. A riff on Abbot and Costello, when they had been benign doofuses, the comedy duo tapped into a burgeoning vein at the American psyche and rode it into superstardom. Up In Smoke is your first, best glimpse at what both can do with a movie budget and a few kind bud.

Dazed and Confused

For teens from the’90s, there wasn’t any greater illustration of their life they had been living in this ode to the teens of another age. With a varied cast of burnouts and weirdoes, Dazed and Confused revealed a true world, filled with sexual longing, intense neurosis, and lots and a lot of weed. Everybody knew that a child just like Slater, the good-natured stoner who got along with everyone and was heading nowhere. Hell, most people purchased our marijuana out of him.


Just like a bookend to Ice Cube’s Boyz n the Hood, this humor riff on becoming high from the hood was a smash as it came out in 1995, and is mostly responsible for introducing the world to Chris Tucker (for better or worse). Director F. Gary Gray had worked Cube before, directing the video for”It Was A Great Day.” This reunion sees them research another fantastic day at the hood, in which two buddies go to a mad dash for cash, women and a fantastic buzz.

The Big Lebowski

If you had to bet on who would be the most famous stoner personallity we would chose Jeff, though given, that is just like our view, man. Jeff”the Dude” Lebowski isn’t having a fantastic day, but it does not mean that he can not maintain his buzz going, and just try to roll with the punches. (Occasionally literally.) Whether he is getting tossed from Malibu, attacked by nihilists or even hallucinating that the best bowling game , so long as Donny would shut up, there’s not a day we would rather invest with him.

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